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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you serve? We now serve nationwide! We are based in Southern Utah and have Utah pick-up locations in Springville, Price, Ephraim and Cedar City. We also ship these tanks to anywhere located within the lower 48 States!

How do I get my tanks? Utah customers can pick up their water storage unit(s) from one of our pick-up locations located in Springville, Price, Ephraim and Cedar City. Otherwise we will deliver to any USA resident located in the lower 48 states. We offer some of the best shipping prices available!

Can I get a discount? Customers purchasing multiple water storage tanks may be eligible for a discount. Please visit our online store for details.

Are these tanks FDA/NSF approved? Yes, our tanks are produced using a plastic that has been approved by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

Are these tanks made from BPA-free plastic? Yes, the tank plastic is free of bisphenol (BPA) so there is no risk of chemicals from the plastic contaminating your water supply.

Can I hook this tank up in-line with my house water line? No, you cannot since your house water is pressurized and these water tanks are not. We recommend keeping your home water storage supply seperate from other water sources so that you have clean water in the event that one water source becomes contaminated.

How often should I rotate my water? The Red Cross recommends rotating your water storage supply every 6 months. FDA approved chemicals can however prolong the life of your water storage supply with regular water treatment.

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