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About Us

Store Your Water founder Mike Greer moved from Phoenix Arizona to the small Southern Utah town of Cedar City in the fall of 2013. Mike was surprised at how often he would hear people complaining about the lack of shopping options in Cedar City. But even more surprising was the number of comments he would hear from people concerned about the unusually low water levels in the city. Coming off of recent droughts as well as a mild winter, water concerns continued to grow.

Not long after becoming familiar with the city's water issues and the residentsí concerns, Mike also came to learn that there were virtually no adequate water storage solutions locally available to the Southern Utah region. Unsatisfied with the available solutions he began researching different methods of long-term water storage. It didn't take long for him to identify WaterPrepared water storage tanks as the top-notch solution!

In the Summer of 2014 Mike brought the first truck load of WaterPrepared water storage tanks to the Southern Utah region and Store Your Water was born! We equip local residents and businesses of Southern Utah, Utah and now the entire USA with state of the art WaterPrepared water storage tanks, and we look forward to serving you!

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